Jaime (pre-order)
Brittany Howard

Label: ATO 

Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes, entitled Jaime will be available to ship or pick up in store on 9/20/2019. The indie exclusive “starbust” edition is limited to 5,000. All pre-orders will receive a bonus 7″.

Composed and assembled over the course of several years, Jaime is a highly personal album release combining Brittany’s unmistakable voice with peerless, visionary and fearless songwriting. Brittany has constructed an assemblage of songs which bend the framework of what we know from her previous work with Alabama Shakes and endeavors with Thunderbitch and Bermuda Triangle, music which wholly sits in a new terrain of sound bolstered by an incredible band of musicians including Zac Cockrell of the Shakes, drummer Nate Smith and the one and only Robert Glasper.

Album Format

CD: $13

Indie Exclusive LP: $24

Deluxe LP: $29