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Pollock, Emma
Watch The Fireworks

Watch the Fireworks indeed! Emma Pollock's return to the fold since the much-missed Delgados demise (drats!) could not be more welcomed. Those fearing an off-the-wall departure from Scotland's Delgados also fear not. Watch the Fireworks contains plenty of hook-laden melodies in the place where her former band planted string arrangements. She comes to grips lyrically regarding the break-up immediately in the opening "New Land". Pollock, as the album reveals, would make one helluva folk artist as the quieter moments of "Limbs" and "Silence Means That Much To You" completely reveals her in her element. It is the closing "The Optimist" that leaves you second-guessing the motives of her heart as she reveals her pessimism and nervousness in lines like, "teach me to follow and not to lead / teach me to stand up and how to succeed / as long as I'm upright I'll try to prolong." Regardless of a drag of an ending, walk ... no RUN ... out and buy this record and revel in the fact that Emma Pollock has decided to continue her career in music, despite her restlessness. Highly recommended!

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