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Consolers Of The Lonely
(Warner Bros.)

In the spirit of the immediacy of this release (one week from announcement to shelf date), here's the Consolers of the Lonely review after one listen, on memory:

Wow! Jack White hasn't sounded this inspired since The White Stripes' masterpiece Elephant. (And that was four albums and a Cold Mountain soundtrack ago!) Not only has co-lead vocalist Brendan Benson apparently stopped taking cold medicine and woken up already, the songs are loud, boisterous, and punctuated with squealy guitar solos. White makes his vocal entrance on a tempo change - a great trick that a lot of bands forget about. They've learned from Paul McCartney's early solo work: take a perfectly fine, basic rock song and turn the whole thing on its head, thereby creating a great pop tune.

The pacing is constantly moving, with the songs alternately driven by guitar, piano, and horns, ending in an epic southern tale about a priest and a milkman. It never gets dull. There are no bad tracks. It's just hook after hook after hook - everything their first record should have been. If you ever liked the White Stripes, or modern rock in general, do yourself a favor and pick this up.


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