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Hot Chip
Made In The Dark

A lot of people I’ve talked to lately have been hating on this record, but not me. I’m no hater… at least not when it come to Hot Chip. True, this album sounds nothing like their previous two, but I ask, “Is that a bad thing?” I feel like the nay-sayers don’t really understand Hot Chip, or have not listened to their progression as a group since their debut album came out a mere three years ago. Made In The Dark, the group’s third studio effort, presents Hot Chip as a sophisticated song writing entity, producing piano driven ballads, dance floor killers, and off-the-cuff songs about professional wrestlers. Singer Alexis Taylor still croons in his semi-falsetto and synthesizers are still abundant, so dedicated fans should find nothing out of the ordinary. Also, for the DJs and vinyl junkies, there are a slew of quality, limited 12” and 7” singles that have been popping up every few months to supplement the need for even more Hot Chip.


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