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Sian Alice Group
(Social Registry)

This U.K. group seemingly appeared from nowhere to drop one of the most satisfying debuts in recent memory. Their songs are forged from the sparest materials: bits of piano, field recordings, solo voice, percussion, etc. Coupled with a simple melody and a handful of variations they create uncannily memorable songs. Texturally, the songs are surprisingly rich despite the bandís obvious commitment to keep their ambient flourishes from overpowering the melodies. There are echoes of many bands: Mazzy Star, Chapterhouse, Mus, Flying Saucer Attack, Portishead and similarly, a wide array of musical forms: coffee-house jazz, folk, ambient-drone, and psychedelic garage rock. It is truly all over the map. There is a consistent emotional tide running through 59.59, but each song arrives at this place via a very different route.

Donít be fooled by the dull, monochromatic cover art, this diverse recording is well worth your time.

ó Jesse Srogoncik, April 16th, 2008

Sian Alice Group ó 59.59 (The Social Registry, 2008)


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