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Fleet Foxes
Sun Giant EP
(Sub Pop)

Seattle’s Fleet Foxes sound uncannily like My Morning Jacket; a My Morning Jacket going in the right direction. The bookends on this EP, (“Sun Giant” and “Innocent Son”), are moody and full of depth while being bare-bones minimal, the latter being an acoustic guitar accompanied by a lone, howling, echoing vocal. “Sun Giant” introduces the EP in grand scale with a sparse vocal harmony reverberating as though recorded in a massive cathedral or cave. The meat of the EP is really where the Foxes shine. “Drops In the River” would be more aptly titled with boulders rather than drops! It's a grand scale number building slowly at first before the backdrop of Nicholas Peterson’s thundering drums and clashing symbols take over. “English House” ebbs and flows around Robin Pecknold’s falsetto rather gloriously, while “Mykonos” highlights the band’s superb harmonies. If the Sun Giant EP is any indication of what’s to come from their debut LP, we are in for quite a treat!


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