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Sun Kil Moon
(Caldo Verde)

Mark Kozelek continues to mesmerize with another stellar, spooky LP under the Sun Kil Moon guise. His style of folk acoustic and, dare I say, his nasally Christopher Cross-sounding vocals cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Since his days with Red House Painters, Kozelek has written undeniably scrumptious melodies that hook upon first listen, much as the first two tracks on April do, “Lost Verses” and “The Light.” The latter's stuttering electric guitar tugs at your heart strings much as it did on RHP’s “Songs for a Blue Guitar” LP. Sun Kil Moon’s strength is to transport the listener to other worlds of reflection and introspection, a slower-moving feel where sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch is mandatory as you watch the rest of the world rush to go nowhere. All of Kozelek’s writings have those same peeks of introspection as he’s never been ashamed to wear his thoughts (or influences) on his sleeve. Perhaps a rural Ohio upbringing can shed some light on some of the most stripped-down delicate tracks such as the Neil Young-vibe of “Unlit Hallway”, the simplistic and airy “Heron Blue” and the countrified harmonies and twang of “Like the River.” Any fans of Jose Gonzalez or the “freak-folk” scene pay heed.


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