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Seldom Seen Kid

Manchester’s Elbow, along with The Doves, remain at the top of the heap when chatting about English bands these days. Light years ahead of anything that contemporaries such as Coldplay and Travis can conjour, The Seldom Seen Kid is proof that not only can Elbow churn out diverse and explorative LPs every other year or so, but that these LPs are consistently excellent; a rare feat for a band of any era. The constants remain Guy Garvey’s superb pipes and the inability of Elbow fitting into any predictable mold. His voice is often compared to Peter Gabriel and rightly so as it wraps around you like a blanket fresh from the dryer, as on the opening “Starlings”. The following, “The Bones Of You”, will leave you dancing in the Andalusia region of your mind with its rhythmic percussion and flamenco guitar. These two tracks are the perfect summarization for the LP, complete diversity and total unpredictability. You soar with the birds on airy string arrangements (see “Mirrorball” and “One Day Like This”), then stomp, drink and sing with your pals in the local pub (“Grounds For Divorce”). Thank God for Elbow.


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