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Wye Oak
If Children

Hard to believe Baltimore’s Wye Oak consists of only two members in Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner. In light of this, I wouldn’t change a thing! Think of a much more sonically-charged edition of Beach House and you would be on the right path. Stack’s vocals placate the hushed folk acoustic, harmonica, and cymbal-strewn, “Regret” like a Paul Simon delicacy. “Please Concrete” is buoyed by Wasner’s vocals amongst the picked electric guitar before being pounded by a blinding blast of shoegaze fury before again quickly settling down and melding beautifully into a frantic “Warning.” Feedback abounds against hurried drums while Wasner’s vocals supply warm reassurance that all is well. Originally released sometime in 2007 on Morphius and thankfully re-released by Merge, If Children jumps to the top of the year-end-faves list in my book. Handsomely unassuming, refreshingly innocent and achingly gorgeous, Wye Oak have certainly raised the bar on what indie-rock and folk should sound like. Buy it and rejoice!


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