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Plants and Animals
Parc Avenue
(Secret City)

Proof’s in the pudding from the North these days. Another class-act comes from Montreal's thriving music scene in Plants and Animals and the trio’s shining debut LP Parc Avenue. “Bye Bye Bye” kicks the LP off with epic choral vocals built over autoharp and saloon piano. One can’t help think of a ‘70s revival as Badfinger and Mott the Hoople come to mind listening to Warren Spicer’s lead and layered vocals on “Good Friend” accompanied by fuzzy guitar and keys. It could be that the record was recorded on glorious analog equipment too (does anyone do this anymore?), as a homegrown aesthetics overwhelm with slide guitar and front porch vocal harmonies on “Faerie Dance”. A squawking cry baby guitar dances about a hurried rhythm on “Feedback in the Field”, giving the song a laid back feel even among the stressed pace. This LP is right up there with works from other Canadian contemporaries such as Stars, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire and carries this writer’s highest recommendation.


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