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Helio Sequence
Keep Your Eyes Ahead
(Sub Pop)

I confess that this is the first Helio Sequence LP I have ever listened to and I don’t understand why I haven’t bothered until now. Keep Your Eyes Ahead is the Portland duo’s fourth full-length and is full of ethereal moments and abundant space. Brandon Summer’s vocals are breathy and pack an airy punch at times, like... say, Johan Duncanson from The Radio Dept. The title track takes you back to the heady days of Echo and the Bunnymens' Will Sargeant’s fierce guitar work; this LP’s guitar tremble (such as on “Lately”) is as massive as Montana’s big sky. Even the dancier, synth numbers (“Hallelujah” and “The Captive Mind”) hold plenty of atmospheric substance in the vein of Peter Bjorn and John. Along with Beach House and Wye Oak, The Helio Sequence is reaffirmation that duos in pop are every bit as full as any four + member bands.


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