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For Against
Shade Side Sunny Side
(Words On Music)

Aw, For Against! This trio from Lincoln, NE have indeed come full circle. With the return of Harry Dingman III on guitar, replacing another excellent guitarist in the departed Steven Hinrichs, For Against have somewhat returned to the sparseness and haunting aspects of their first few IPR releases, (‘87’s Echelons, ‘88’s December and ‘90’s In the Marshes EP). Perhaps the haunting tag has as much to do with the Joy Division influence and the Jeckyl/Hyde title of the record. The return to early form comes as a complete and pleasant surprise to those of us accustomed to the dreamy, jingle-jangle of the past few releases. In fact, Shade Side Sunny Side would find a happy home amongst the early Factory Records releases for certain. Primal beats and hushed, chanted-like vocals are revisited staples of early For Against with plenty of darker dimensions layered on top. The LP is also sonically their loudest, like when boasting plenty of feedback over thumping drums on the opening “Glamour.” Crunching and chiming guitar work blankets “Aftertaste” like a gusting snow squall. Very dark, consuming and highly recommended!


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