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Long Blondes
(Rough Trade)

Sheffield, England’s fab 5 return with the follow up to the astounding Someone To Drive You Home quicker than anticipated. Not as pointed as the post-punk attack of their debut but this is certainly no sophomore slouch either. Capturing the dancier edge of their live shows, Couples is full of the same strife associated with relationships, or lack thereof. Singer Kate Jackson, (and it is my contention that she's hands-down the sexiest woman in rock today with one of the most alluring voices around), is still fed-up with being alone, as she is “sick of watching the couples walk by” on the title track. The first single and lead off track, “Century”, hints at a new direction with its ‘80s brit pop keyboards and made-for-MTV vocals that beckon you to get up and bounce. “I Liked The Boys” and “Here Comes The Serious Bit”, pick up where their debut left off with Screech Louder’s hurried drum assault and Reenie Hollis’ pounding bass line leaving Dorian Cox to fill in with his catchy guitar tweaks. Combining the best of both worlds in late ‘70s punk and early ‘80s new wave without sounding redundant or contrived, the Long Blondes have certainly made another fresh step forward with Couples. Let’s hope the band can last through the recent romantic splits of the band’s two couples!


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