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Costello, Elvis
(Lost Highway)

To be honest I was expecting a completely drab, write-off record from Elvis Costello, so it is with great surprise to land the complete opposite. With the numerous different directions explored over the past decade it would be easy to feel that he’s lost his edge by continuing to overwhelm his fans with too much diversity. His first record with his band The Imposters in quite some time, Momofuku is certainly a reunion/homecoming record of sorts. “No Hiding Place” kicks off with a drum/guitar beat, beginning Costello’s return to a proper rock record. Quite frankly, Elvis’ voice has not sounded better; full of the vigor of his earlier releases. The biggest surprise ultimately, is the consistency of this record. “American Gangster Time” adds a new wave keyboard to a gritty, distorted guitar rock backbeat. “Turpentine” continues to pull the album’s momentum along like the torque of a train with a pulsating rhythm section. A lounge-y “Harry Worth” takes over from here with keyboard/drum prominence underneath harmonized soul choruses. A stripped-down, "Flutter and Wow" paints a nice after-hours, slow-down sway over a night-cap type of picture before being sweeping you up off your feet again by the dirty crunch of "Stella Hurt". Costello has the ability to craft some of the best pop/rock the genre has ever heard and Momofuku proves to be a nice step back on that path. Unfortunately I will be unable to witness Elvis Costello and the Imposters blow The Police off the stage this summer on tour … drats!


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