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American Music Club
Golden Age

It cannot be stated enough how important it is to have San Francisco/Los Angeles-based American Music Club back, churning out high caliber, introspective pop, (and FINALLY playing Phoenix to boot!). Mark Eitzel’s vocals swoon smoothly, whether backed by delicate acoustic and brushed drums on the opening “All My Love” or the theatrics of “The John Berchman Victory Choir”, with perhaps some potshots taken at the patron saint of alter boys on the latter. While less politically-charged than its predecessor, The Golden Age still carries its fair share of awareness. “The Sleeping Beauty” harnesses some bitterness towards those financial stalwarts of big banking. While Eitzel’s lyrics are less angry than the last LP, he is still plenty disgruntled, even with himself singing, “I’m stuck in my confusion” on “Who You Are”. Vudi remains the only other original member in AMC along with Eitzel, and his guitar work remains haunting (“The Windows on the World”) and biting (“The Stars”), aiding in the reinforcement of another emotionally stirring record.


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