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Windsor For The Derby
How We Lost
(Secretly Canadian)

How We Lost is such a fitting title to a collection of songs with titles such as “Spirit Fade”, “Let Go”, “Forgotten’, “Fallen Off the Earth”, and “Maladies” to name a few. Over a year in the works, the LP faced many dilemmas in the band’s Philadelphia studio before seeing the light of day. “Let Go” is a swell indication of such tension with a reserved, ambient keyboard and drums thumping like a heartbeat anomaly while reserved, dual vocals urge abandonment; “Grab Hold of Everything You Know/And Let Go”. An ironically uplifting song, “Maladies” follows with a danceable beat along with accenting hi-hat stutters. The album favorite for me is the supportive “Hold On” with an absolutely killer Beach Boys-harmony chorus accompanied by chiming, twinkling guitar work that sends shivers down the spine. This lone track is well-worth the price of admission! Overall a very reflective yet melancholic record full of highs, lows, and most importantly, heart.


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