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Mountain Battles

The Breeders first album since 2002’s so-so Title TK is better than you think! After years of legendary drug abuse and revolving line-ups, it is a surprise that Kim and Kelly Deal would even record as The Breeders again, let alone put out their only LP worth listening to since the early ‘90s. “Overglazed” is a psychedelic, power pop gem with super-fuzzed guitars while Kim Deal fades the track out singing, “I can feel it”, over and over. The LP takes a few spins to get as it is chock full of slower, mid-tempo numbers peppered between power-pop gems such as the self-loathing “Bang On” with its cheerleading romp, a playful, srtomping “German Studies” and grungey-guitar of “It’s the Love”. These moments bring back memories of the best of what alternative radio in the early ‘90s had to offer, particularly the angst-ridden, “No Way”. The Deal sisters have rekindled the spark of their earlier work here while offering some progression and diversity, (see “Regalame Esta Noche”). A longing, Spanish-tongued ballad that comes from left field and tugs on the heartstrings.


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