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Fleet Foxes
Self Titled
(Sub Pop)

Washington state’s fab five continue on the path they charted with their debut EP Sun Giant with a stellar debut LP. Their vocal harmonies are their greatest asset as it can make the simplest guitar melodies sound grandiose. “Sun It Rises” leads off with an acoustic & banjo foundation as the vocals give rise to the song as if the sun was cresting a mountain range in the morning. “He Doesn’t Know Why” and “Your Protector” are absolute masterworks as they combine all the elements that make fans go kookoo for cocoa puffs: the first with its choir hymn vocals and jingling guitar that builds into epic proportions as the rest join with drum-rolls and cymbal clashes that remind one of a symphony percussion section. The latter‘s intro of keyboards and hushed vocals babble like a brook before launching into another hair-raising chorus then finishing as gently as it started. Those vinyl fanatics who missed out on the EP can rejoice because the record version comes with those five fabulous tracks as well as a download code for MP3s of all! One helluva debut LP and well worth dropping down the dough for.


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