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Radio Dept
Freddie & The Trojan Horse

Thank Buddha that Sweden’s Radio Dept are not only alive but still very, very well indeed. This four-track EP is a precursor to their next full-length Clinging To A Scheme, due September 10th, and if this is any indication of what’s in store, that LP will be one of 2008’s best. The Radio Dept has always been the best at blending atmospheric guitar/synths with danceable electro-beats via drum machine and other effects. The title track is no exception. The heavy, layered keyboards and drum machine give the track a somber backbone while Martin Larsson’s guitar dances around Johan Duncanson’s breathy vocals. “Closing Scene” reminds me so much of Sarah Records-era East River Pipe with delicate guitar touches over ambient keyboards and hushed vocals accentuating it as a nightcap type of song. Cheers indeed! “The Room, Tarzana” begins with Duncanson’s airy vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar, while Larsson adds fluttering guitar work … a very lovely, quiet piece to put your feet up to. “Closing Scene Pt. 2” is a super-fuzzy out version of same track earlier in the EP. Freddie and the Trojan Horse is another great, tantalizing EP from this outstanding Scandinavian trio.


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