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What a disappointment from the Liverpool-based foursome. With such a promising start to the record courtesy of the perilous "Black Cat" and "Ghosts," with its anthem-esque vibe and killer chorus at the hands of Helen Marnie's seductive vocals. From here Velocifero gets rather lifeless; I couldn't help but feel the majority of the remainder felt like filler. I even lost interest about halfway through as my mind began to meander through other things and by the time I remembered that I was listening to Ladytron, the record was over! "I'm Not Scared" kept my interest even if it dipped in intensity, but from there it gets particularly bland and predictable. They plod through "The Lovers" rather oafishly and for good reason: it goes nowhere. Don't get me wrong, Velocifero is an okay record and any Ladytron fan will feel right at home. I was expecting more experimentation from them because treading the same path doesn't suit Ladytron.


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