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Diamond Hoo Ha

The Oxford, UK trio have released their first record in three years (their sixth proper LP overall) and still sound as young as their debut. Enlisting Rob Coombes as a fourth member, and even appearing on the cover this time out(!), the band leads off the album with "Diamond Hoo Ha Man." The seceond track "Bad Blood" will leave fans of their early fuzz and crunching power giddy with I Should Coco delight. Gaz Coombes remains one of England's greatest writers from the '90s alternative wave and lucky for us he and his Supergrass cohorts are still at it. "Rebel In You" adds some danceable flair to its catchy chorus before "345" buckles yours knees with explosive guitars. A hint of a different direction with the funk-ladened "Rough Knuckles" with leave you yearning for some '70s crime sitcom action. "Ghost Of a Friend" could easily be nestled in the confines of In It For the Money. A punishing "Whiskey and Green Tea" will reduce your existence to bits by combining all ingredients of the new record into one song! If you're a Supergrass fan already, this will make a welcomed addition... if you haven't heard them yet, there is no greater place to begin your research.


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