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Swapping guitars for keyboards and introducing a slew of new instruments, Ratatat brings a fresh, inventive sound to the table while maintaining their unique interpretation of music. Harpsichords, mellotrons, wurlitzers, grand pianos and maybe even a glockenspiel or two add an extremely organic mood to this album and combine to create a lush, sonic landscape. Don't let these acoustic elements deceive you, though. Ratatat maintains their signature funk, sitting somewhere between hip hop break beats, lofty cinematic orchestration, and glam rock guitar solos. With such varied sounds, this album is best absorbed as a whole and not judged by individual tracks. Songs fade in and out, blending together to create a diverse musical tapestry that goes unappreciated when broken apart. Still, there are always stand out cuts and for those looking to test the water instead of diving in head first, check out the vocoder heavy "Falcon Jab", and the old-world inspired "Dura".


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