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Sigur Ros
Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

Reykjavik, Iceland's answer to atmospheric/ethereal delight return with their fifth LP in a little over a decade, (not counting the Von remix album, Von brigi or the soundtrack to "Heima"). It's quite different from previous works, though it's comforting and familiar like seeing family after an extended absence. The minimal "Gan Daginn" is as delicate as anything they have written with gentle string and xylophone touches before a signature swell of shoegazing bliss washes it down at conclusion. A following "Vi Spilum Endalaust" caters to those waiting for Jn r Birgisson's signature "Volenska/gibberish"-accented vocals awash with the bands sweeping and all encompassing wall of sound.

"Gobbledigook" leads off with a thumping, festival clap-along ruckus akin to swashbuckling below the deck. The first Sigur Ros record to feature English lyrics, the album ending "All Right" is a mournful dirge of hushed piano and droning horns. Perhaps the biggest difference is the band's reliance on emotion-tugging keyboards, accenting them to brilliant effect with The London Sinfonietta and Oratory School Choir on one of the most sweeping, epiphanous endings in recent memory. Pick up this record, rejoice and then see them at the Marquee Theater in September!


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