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This Is Not The World
(Null Corporation)

Sunderland, England’s second best band after the incomparable Leatherface are back with a third LP and first for their own Nul Records. The Futureheads, whose name came from a Flaming Lips song, are perhaps slightly pissed for being dropped by 679 Recordings and have fittingly created their own label along with topping the indie charts in the UK with This Is Not the World. It's a fast-paced, post-punk record that can be easily compared to Maximo Park in spirit without the intellect (and this is not a bad thing necessarily). Coming close to splitting up after their second LP was not well-received by 679, the Futureheads respond with perhaps their most punk/mod sound since their inception. “Walking Backwards” captures the band’s fiery tempo, and maybe metaphorically stepping out of the way rather than being thrown under the bus that was 679! The record is chock full of 3 minute frenzied angst-driven punk standards. “Think Tonight” is a self-motivating jolt of energy and perhaps their own anthem to get them through those dark, post-News and Tributes time. The Futureheads have not necessarily tread any new ground here but who cares when they’ve got a renewed sense of purpose because they realize they can create their own world … and have done so!


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