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Magnetic Morning
(DH Records)

Magnetic Morning is Swervedriver's Adam Franklin and Interpol's Sam Fogarino. As influential as those two acts are, this EP offers some resemblance to both, most notably early Interpol. "Cold War Kids" carries some simply picked notes before being joined by ambient guitar a la Turn On the Bright Lights, but Franklin's vocals more subdued than usual, almost speaking them rather than singing them. Pounding percussion clods its way along the piano notes and strummed acoustic during "Yesterday's Flowers" before an ethereal synth kicks in. The most Swervedriver-esque track, "The Way Love Used To Be" begins with a melody similar to that bands "The Birds" from the must-have Ejector Seat Reservation before developing into its own baby with as full a sound as the two can muster. The lethargic "DontGoToDreamState" feels as though the world is in slow-motion replay, enticing the listener to turn around, find a soft pillow and bury themselves under the covers for eternity. A excellent beginning to a promising collaborative project from both.


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