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Patel, Rajiv
Obey The Cattle
(Sunset Alliance)

Mostly instrumental, this short (under 25 minute) disc is a rich potpourri of noises made by Patel’s various instruments and influenced by various cultures. The cover shows two Egyptian-style pyramids, with a bull and a man with a staff in the desert foreground. The music similarly evokes not the modern Middle East, but a simpler nomadic time of whirling dervishes and wandering musicians.

The guitar, which he also plays for Before Braille, is the principal instrument here. It shimmers and knells and doesn’t sound much like any other popular music I can think of, except for one or two phrases that remind me of Led Zeppelin, and track six, the end of which sounds a lot like the Cure’s Splintered In her Head. If you know that song, you’ll know how unusual Patel’s music sounds. In fact, some of the tracks might not even be considered rock and roll.

Track eight, for example (they’re all apparently nameless) has male and female vocals but hardly any of the accoutrements expected from rock. There’s even a waltzy outro that seems to come out of nowhere.

This doesn’t sound like a finished statement, partly due to its brevity. The disc in its entirety sounds like a tease, promising future wondrous applications of guitar virtuosity. Keep Patel’s name in mind, because he’s bound to produce even greater things. For now, go get this CD and catch him live with Before Braille or playing solo.

If you like this, listen to Before Braille – Cattle Punching On A Jackrabbit, and The Retaliation for What They Have Done to Us.

-Jesse Christopherson

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