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Walla, Chris
Field Manual

Who would have thunk it? The Death Cab for Cutie stand-out and the well-respected producer extraordinaire has (finally) churned out his first solo record. After many delays (either with his prior production commitments or the United States customs), Walla's Field Manual is now seeing the light of day. From his atmospherics, (the opening Two-Fifty), to the edgier, more rocking numbers (see The Score), his songwriting is as crisp as his production. The biggest surprise overall would have to be the vocals. Anyone who has seen Death Cab For Cutie live can attest to his backing ability but given the lead, his voice runs the gammot from delicate (A Bird is a Song) to immediate (Archer V. Light) and everywhere in between. Walla's songwriting is as expected with an uncanny knack of being able to bring out infectious melody, (St. Modesto).

After only a couple of spins, Field Manual certainly has taken it's hold on the CD player for some time to come!

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