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Dead Meadow
Old Growth

The term “old growth” is generally associated with density. Old growth forests have multiple vertical layers of vegetation. Contrary to the title of this recording, Dead Meadow has pruned back the band. They’ve excised the moss and the swampy murk that encrusted their last full-length, Feathers. Guitarist Corey Shane, who added so much heft to the last recording, has departed. On first listen, it sounds downright exiguous. So spare, in fact, that it can be unsettling.

Fortunately this record only grows in stature with each listen. It is clearly a case of addition by subtraction. Dead Meadow has embraced their craft and produced a record full of memorable songs without sacrificing the welcoming psychedelic haze that they are noted for. “Seven Seers” is a ballad that echoes the Yardbirds in delivery as well as its incisive fuzz guitar solo. “The Queen of All Returns” features a vamping guitar intro that lasts nearly two minutes before it segues into the initial verse. Track ten, “Keep on Walking” is a shuffle that bears an eerie resemblance to another pedestrial tome: Neil Young’s “Walk On” from On the Beach. The centerpiece is “Hard People/Hard Times,” an anti-war protest anthem complete with sitar and tamboura fade out.

Make no mistake, it is all about pacing. Languor is the fossil fuel that powers their engine. Though their signature may be guitar riffs as thick as cough syrup, the articulation afforded their sound by removing the additional guitar is a marked improvement.

— Jesse Srogoncik, February 22nd, 2008


Dead Meadow — Dead Meadow (Tolotta 2000; Xemu, 2006)
Dead Meadow — Howls From The Hills (Tolotta 2001; Xemu, 2007)
Dead Meadow — Got Live If You Want It (Bomp, 2002)
Dead Meadow — Shivering King And Others (Matador, 2003)
Dead Meadow — Feathers (Matador, 2005)
Dead Meadow — Old Growth (Matador, 2008)


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