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Mould, Bob
District Line

Those fearing that Bob Mould's experimentation with electronics (2002's atrocious Modulate) would rear it's ugly head once again can rejoice! Mould's latest effort, District Line for the ever-improving Anti label, is not only a return to form but is most impressive because it combines all elements of his career without sounding redundant. Husker Du's attack, (see "Stupid Now"), Sugar's pop sensibilities, ("Who Needs To Dream," "Very Temporary") and his more approachable solo work, (see "Again and Again," "Miniature Parade"). I, for one, am delighted that Mould decided to pick up the guitar again! It must be stated that even his hints of synth on this record are more tastefully supplied as accents rather than a full-on attempt at party dance music, (see "Old Highs New Lows," "Shelter Me"). In fact, the electronic bits add more atmospheric grooves than anything else. Throw Brendan Canty's (Fugazi) percussion into the mix and you have another impressive rock record by Bob Mould. The fact that District Line comes with an exceptional 3-song live disc of Mould's acoustic prowess makes it even more tantilizing for fans!

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