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What Doesn't Kill Us

Don't let the name fool you--this quartet hails from Austin, TX, although you wouldn't know it by listening to What Doesn't Kill Us. I say this because the band's second proper LP feels more like a harder-edged indie rock record, akin to many contemporaries from that region. The opening "Blood, Sweat & Fears" building feels like the perfect lead-off for a gig, ascending into a Queen-esque chorus ending without the gazillion concert lights blinding you (a detriment due to the no edges, too-polished production by Chris Michaels). The band's musical variety is all over the map as well. From bits of prog-rock, ("Sultan") to obnoxious bar band sentimentality ("The Right Place"). A positive is the band's energy level as each number feels as though it's properly impassioned. Consumers looking for new territory, however, need not look here.

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