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Do I like rock music? Hell yes, thank you. Brighton’s British Sea Power have certainly turned their trademark wall of sound into something of a phenom this go-round. Luckily for us their chops of bashing percussion and monumental guitars are still resoundingly in place, only to be enhanced to overwhelming proportions. "Down On the Ground" in particular builds and climbs with such violence that you can’t help but feel as though you’ve been climbing a peak for days to finally collapse at the top after an exhausting ascent to get there. Perhaps having Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis) and Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire) in the recording fold might have something to do with it. From a forest in the Czech Republic to Montreal, the record’s influences are as varied as the destinations it was recorded in. There are healthy doses of high-energy emotion throughout that keep a certain dance-ability to the record (see "Atom") without being forced or hurried. That being said, overall the record seems to be over faster than you want it to be, ending on the mass keyboard-chorus summit of "We Close Our Eyes." Although still way too early for it to garner the “record of the year” label I’ve already been hearing, Do You Like Rock Music? certainly does not disappoint.

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