The Stinkweeds Staff ㅤ



Lindsay Cates has worked at Stinkweeds since 2000. As a musician and avid music fan her whole life, buying for a highly specialized and curated record store has always been a dream. She has been the Buyer and Manager of the Phoenix location since it opened in 2004.  She currently plays bass in Pick and Holler and The Sunpunchers. Any free time is spent outdoors and/or with dogs. 


Dario has been with the Stinkweeds team for over 15 years. He wears many hats, whether he's fixing little broken things, building more bins for records when they're needed or thinking of new ways to make for a better shopping experience. He always enjoys helping customers find their new favorite bands and he'll talk your ear off about the mental, physical and social benefits of actively listening to music. Dario also works closely with the music community, facilitating and promoting shows, providing live sound, recording musicians both in his home studio as well as in the field, recording local bands for Phoenix's local NPR station, KJZZ for their Tiny Desert Concert series as well as the local Moth Story Slam. 


Caleb Dailey joined the Stinkweeds family at the end of 2021. He has been consumed by love for music all his life, and loves talking about it... a lot. Along with his brother, they own and operate PHX based record label, Moone Records. Caleb plays various instruments with Gene Tripp, Soft Shoulder, Flower Festival and most recently under his own name.


Zach joined the Stinkweeds team in the spring of 2021. A lover of all things small business and of course music, Stinkweeds was the perfect fit. Hopelessly addicted to new music, you can read Z's work in our weekly email newsletter and new release blog. Always down to talk upcoming shows, video games, and basketball.




Kimber Lanning has owned Stinkweeds since its inception in 1987! She opened the shop when she was 19 years old, with her personal record collection. The store has expanded and moved 4 times since its current location in Central Phoenix. You may remember Kimber as the drummer for Half String in the 90s. She now is the CEO of Local First Arizona, a statewide nonprofit focused on strengthening Arizona’s economy. She is dedicated to making Arizona a world class destination and is fiercely proud of the culture of the region. You can catch Kimber in the shop during any of our fun parties or Record Store Day events.